The Department of Medical Biology has been created in 2013, according to the will of Prince Albert II.

This department gathers several teams. Some of the research programs are very fundamental, notably the study of the mechanisms of innate immunity involved in defence against infections affecting invertebrates and humans, cell metabolism and abnormal proliferation of tumor cells.
The teams are also developing so-called "translational” studies, designed to transmit laboratory data as quickly as possible for the benefit of patients suffering from cancer or muscular pathologies.
Two other teams have a hospital vocation with an international sickle cell disease observatory and a team dedicated to financing clinical research programs.
The general objective of this department is to generate a virtuous continuum to increase general knowledge on very serious or even, incurable pathologies, in particular pediatric cancers or Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
Through this patient-centred approach, this department hopes to contribute to the edifice of precision medicine, through the development of new therapeutic approaches of optimal efficacy.