Our last Publications

Amino acid transporters are a vital focal point in the control of mTORC1 signaling and cancer
Cormerais Y, Vucetic M, Parks S, Pouyssegur J
Int J Mol Sci 22,23
Body Protein Sparing in Hibernators: A Source for Biomedical Innovation
Bertile F, Habold C, Le Maho Y, Giroud S
Frontiers in Physiology 12: 634953
Does the ECB policy of quantitative easing impact environmental policy objectives?
Hilmi N, Djoundourian S, Shahin W, Safa A
Journal of Economic Policy Reform doi.org/10.1080/17487870.2020.1855176
Physiological and molecular responses of lobe coral indicate nearshore adaptations to anthropogenic stressors
Tisthammer K H, Timmins-Schiffman E, Seneca F, Nunn B L, Richmond R H
Sci Rep 11: 3423
Plk1, upregulated by HIF-2, mediates metastasis and drug resistance of clear cell renal cell carcinoma
Dufies M, Verbiest A, Cooley L S, Ndiaye P D, He W, Nottet N, Souleyreau W, Hagege A, Torrino S, Parola J, Giuliano S, Borchiellini D, Schiappa R, Mograbi B, Zucman-Rossi J, Bensalah K, Ravaud A, Auberger P, Bikfalvi A, Chamorey E, Rioux-Leclercq N, Mazure N M, Beuselinck B, Cao Y, Bernhard J C, Ambrosetti D, Pagès G
Comm Biol 4: 166
Symbiont regulation in Stylophora pistillata during cold stress: an acclimation mechanism against oxidative stress and severe bleaching
Marangoni L, Rottier C, Ferrier-Pagès C
J Exp Biol 224: jeb235275
Systematic review/meta-analysis on efficacy of allogeneic HCT in sickle cell disease: an international effort on behalf of the Pediatric Diseases Working Party of EBMT and the Sickle Cell Transplantation International Consortium
Iqbal M, Reljic T, Corbacioglu S, De la Fuente J, Gluckman E, Kumar A, Yassine F, Ayala E, El-Jawahri A, Murthy H, Almohareb F, Hashmi S K, Cappelli B, Alahmari A, Scigliuolo G, Kassim A, Aljurf M, Kharfan-Dabaja M A
Transplantation and Cellular Therapy S2666-6367(20)30015-4
The skeletome of the red coral Corallium rubrum indicates an independent evolution of biomineralization process in octocorals
Ganot P, Le Roy N, Aranda M, Allemand D, Tambutté S
BMC Ecol Evol 21(1): 1-21

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Conférence "SCIENCE POUR TOUS" le 14 septembre à 18h30 au Pôle Culturel Auguste Escoffier - 269 Allée René Cassin - VILLENEUVE LOUBET
Biodiversité marine et santé humaine
présentée par le Pr Denis Allemand, Directeur Scientifique du Centre Scientifique de Monaco