CSM is well known in the scientific world by the quality of the work of its researchers in Marine Biology. However, since the Advent of Prince Albert II and under his impulse, CSM has developed two new very dynamic Departments: one of Biomedical Research and one of Research in Polar Biology. Both are doing research of excellence.

This recent strong development of scientific research in Monaco has led to create the Association of Friends of the Scientific Center of Monaco.

This association has two main goals:

  • To develop scientific knowledge and culture in the Principality by disseminating information to our members on the activities of the Scientific Center of Monaco, by organizing conferences for the general public, debates or visits to scientific sites,
  • To help the CSM to develop its scientific activities through financial support for research programs, teaching programs (such as the Health-Climate-Environment Passport) or scholarships for doctoral or post-doctoral students.

To achieve these goals, we need you to develop our actions.