Board of Directors

Sovereign Order
n° 8.253 of September 11, 2020

President of the Board of Directors
Professor Patrick Rampal


Scientific and technical Committee

Sovereign Order
n° 8.341 of November 13, 2020

President of the Scientific and technical Committee
Professor Dominique Doumenc
Museum of Natural History, Paris, France



Administrative Secretariat

  • Ms Patricia Serna 
  • Ms Muriel Chilot
  • Ms Barbara Tamagno

Structure technicians

  • Mr Robert Bourgeois
  • Mr Sébastien Vauthier

General Secretary

  • Ms Delphine Frappier


Scientific Direction

  • Professor Denis Allemand

Scientific Secretariat

  • Ms Alexandra Dias Mota



Department of Marine Biology

  • Ecophysiology and Ecology
  • Physiology and Biochemistry
  • Environmental Economics



Department of Medical Biology

  • Mechanisms of resistance to targeted therapies
  • Tumor hypoxia and metabolism
  • Ecosystems and Immunity
  • Biotherapies Applied to Neuromuscular Disabilities (LIA BAHN)
  • Human health pole
  • Monacord

Department of Polar Biology

  • Ecology and Evolution
    - Axis 1: Life Observatories
    - Axis 2: Artificial Intelligence

Transmissible Disease Analysis Platform