An eminent Professor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison visits the CSM in the Coral Physiology team

Professor Pupa Gilbert, a leading figure in the field of biomineral science at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, recently enriched the Coral Physiology team at CSM with her inspiring visit. Known for her groundbreaking research on biomineral structures such as coral skeletons, tooth enamel, mollusk shells, and sea urchin spines, Prof. Gilbert shared her knowledge and insights during a captivating lecture titled "Coral biomineralization vs. climate change". 

This intervention highlighted the urgency and importance of understanding the mechanisms of coral biomineralization to develop conservation strategies in the face of challenges posed by climate change. The fruitful collaboration between Prof. Gilbert and the CSM team, led by Dr. Sylvie Tambutté, has already resulted in the production of innovative publications exploring the complexity of coral biomineralization. 

Gilbert's visit to the CSM facilitated rich and productive exchanges, paving the way for future experiments, particularly on the impact of ocean acidification on corals. Her presence also provided an opportunity to explore CSM's cutting-edge facilities, including coral culture rooms, which are essential for research in coral physiology. 

This interdisciplinary collaboration between animal physiology and geobiology highlights the need for a multidisciplinary approach in both fundamental and environmental research. The discussions and ideas shared during the visit promise to stimulate significant advances in combating the devastating effects of climate change on these vital ecosystems.


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Dr Sylvie Tambutté