The Coral Physiology team contributes a chapter to the book ‘Frontiers in Invertebrate Physiology’: Focus on Coral Biomineralization

Professor Saber Saleuddin from York University in Toronto, an expert in the biomineralization of marine organisms, invited Dr. Sylvie Tambutté and her team to contribute to a series of reviews compiled in a volume entitled "Frontiers in Invertebrate Physiology".

This invitation recognizes the international reputation of the research conducted by the CSM team, particularly in relation to the coral Stylophora pistillata. The CSM has been using this coral as a study model for over thirty years and has developed approaches ranging from the molecular level to the whole organism, using advanced technologies. The chapter, which took the team several months to complete, is 55 pages long and is illustrated with numerous figures. It provides an in-depth analysis of the biomineralization process, which is crucial for understanding environmental impacts on coral biology.

Publication :
Venn A. A., Tambutté E., D. Zoccola D., L. Capasso L., Allemand D., Caminiti-Segonds N., Techer N., Ganot P. & Tambutté S.
Coral calcification at the cellular scale: insight through the ‘window’ of the growing edge, in Frontiers in Invertebrate Physiology, Volume 1: Non Bilaterian Phyla. pp.343-397


For further information, please contact :
Dr Sylvie Tambutté
Dr Alexander Venn