The "North-South Prize 2020 of the Council of Europe" awarded to the authors of the MedECC

The MedECC, alongside the International Commission against the Death Penalty, has been awarded the "2020 North South Prize of the Council of Europe". The prize has been attributed to the MedECC Coordinators, the MedECC Science Officer, all MedECC Lead Authors, including Dr Nathalie Hilmi, environmental economist in the Scientific Center of Monaco.
The MedECC is an independent network of Mediterranean Experts on Climate and environmental Change. It was founded in 2015. The 1st Mediterranean Assessment Report is entitled “Climate and Environmental Change in the Mediterranean Basin - Current Situation and Risks for the Future”.

This report assesses the best available scientific knowledge on climate and environmental change and associated risks in the Mediterranean Basin in order to render it accessible to policymakers, stakeholders and citizens. It includes a Summary for Policy-makers (SPM), which comprises the key messages of the MAR1. The report has been written by almost 190 scientists from 25 countries, all contributing in individual capacity and without financial compensation.




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