Two Scientists of the CSM attend IPCC meeting in Faro (Portugal)

Two scientists of the CSM, Dr. Nathalie Hilmi (Environmental Economics) and Dr. Duygu Sevilgen (Marine Biology) attended the Third Lead Author Meeting of Working Group II (LAM3 WGII) for the sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The meeting was held in Faro/ Portugal and hosted by the University of Algarve from Jan26th-Feb1st.

WGII of the IPCC assesses the impacts of climate change, from a worldwide to a regional view of ecosystems and biodiversity, and of humans and their diverse societies, cultures and settlements.

Nathalie Hilmi contributes as a lead author to Chapter 18 which addresses “Climate resilient development pathways” and to the regional cross chapter 4 “Mediterranean Region”. Duygu Sevilgen contributes to the latter as a Chapter Scientist. The Mediterranean region is, alongside other outstanding regions like Polar regions or Tropical Forests, specifically addressed. This is due to its outstanding role as a semi-enclosed sea, that is highly vulnerable to climate change and considered a climate change hot spot. Together with the two scientists from the CSM, colleagues from Spain, Greece, Italy, Egypt, France and Germany work on the Mediterranean cross chapter. Chapter 18 is the closing chapter of the WGII AR6 report and thus a synthesis of key adaptation and mitigation solutions.  Overall, 260 scientists from about 60 countries came together in Faro to advance this assessment report that is announced to be published in October 2021.




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